Stainless Steel Cable Railing

by Bay City Fab Web Team

Stainless steel cable railing is something we provide in addition to our many other capabilities.  We have left many customers satisfied working with stainless steel cable railing.  Stainless steel fabrication in general is something many fabricators tend to shy away from, but we have no problem taking care of most stainless steel needs.

Stainless steel cable rail is very popular, and is highly sought after in our marine environment due to its resistance to corrosion in addition to looking very sleek and stylish.  

From personal residences, to breweries, and more, we are capable of providing quality stainless cable railing that will be certain to catch the eye of many who see it.  The combination of clean, sleek stainless and industrial looking cable has become a favorite of many, and we are happy to provide a beautiful finished product.  

Our experience in stainless steel fabrication allow us to be sure we put out a great looking finished rail.  Stainless steel is very unforgiving to work with, which is why many fabricators prefer not to deal with it.  A person who does not know what they are doing can make stainless steel look bad in a hurry, but we take a lot of pride and care in making sure we finish products without causing warping, discoloration, or inconsistent finishes that you may find with less experienced fabricators.  

In addition to providing a beautiful product, we will leave you with insight on taking care of the rails, what to watch out for over time, and even how to restore the shine as years of exposure to elements may begin to weather the rail.  That is the beauty of stainless steel, maintanence is minimal, and the lasting beautiful look is fairly easy to maintain with just a little bit of care.   Many customers find this far superior than the hastle of repainting (or replacing) worn and weathered steel railing.