Stainless Steel Railing

by Bay City Fab Web Team

Stainless Steel Railing.  Fabricators can be hard to come by for quality stainless railing.  Whether it's wall mounted, guardrailing, cable railing, and beyond, we can provide a beautiful sleek finished product.  

While stainless railing does have a higher up front cost than alternatives, its corrosion resistance is far superior to other commonly used metals.  Particularly in the marine environment we are surrounded by.  Our years of experience working with stainless allow us to provide beautiful welds, passivated, and polished to provide a lasting, attractive stainless steel rail.

Stainless steel welding shops are sometimes hard to find, as it is not an especially easy material to work with.  We always embrace the challenge and opportunity to provide eye catching stainless steel work.  A lot of our stainless work is for more industrial applications as well.  

Our stainless steel fabrication abilities set us aside from most, and we would be happy to quote your next stainless job.stainless-steel-handrail

Pictured above, you will see a stainless steel railing we did for the personal residence of a local general contractor.  He is a picky builder who does beautiful work himself, so we were proud to leave him satisfied with our work on his own home.  The stainless look really tied together his outdoor space, and the maintanence over the years will be relatively low, and inexpensive.  While stainless does still require some attention as the years go by, just a little bit of care will have it looking very fresh again.

Next time you look for a stainless steel fabricator, keep us in mind.  We will be happy to quote your project, and do what we can to provide competitive prices, quality finish products, relatively fast lead times, and a wealth of experience and knowledge in stainless steel fabrication.

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