Stainless Steel Wood to Wood Connection

by Bay City Fab Web Team

Stainless steel wood to wood connections are a great way to provide both a modern look, and a corrosion resistant connection for your structural project.  These buckets were formed to custom dimensions provided by our customer.

Wood to wood connections are something we provide for a lot of contractors on different structural jobs.  These sleek stainless steel wood to wood connections require care and skill to fabricate due to the dimension on the web of the channel being shorter than that of the legs.  These as well as other structural components are something we understand, and are very happy to fabricate and provide for our customers. 

Brackets and braces are something we are well-equipped to provide in great quality, and quick lead times. 

Sometimes you need a heavier material than small catalog items can provide, and especially in situations when stainless steel makes sense over a steel piece.  Sometimes you just want a look that can not be provided by the functional but less attractive catalog pieces. 

With industrial chic design being the rage it is at the moment, do not hesitate to ask what else we can provide whether it be steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.  Chances are we will have you covered.  Our experience in the fabrication business allows an ability to work with architects, other contractors, engineers, and average joes, to provide the look and finished product they are after.  

We are your shop for custom specialty components on any steel, aluminum, or stainless job.  Our experience and machinery make for a quality result time and time again regardless of the difficulty of the task at hand.

The combination of capabilities and experience allows us to complete nearly all of our work in house. There are rare exceptions, but we generally complete 100 percent of our fabrication jobs from start to finish within our facility.

Capabilities include:

Plate Shearing

Press Brake Forming

Plate Rolls

Tube Rolls

Pipe Bending

CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC Oxy Cutting


Drill Press

Large Capacity Band Saw

Certified MIG, TIG, and Arc welding

And More

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