Iron Gates

by Bay City Fab Web Team

Iron gates are another part of our wheelhouse here.  You won't find many welding shops more diverse than we are.  Fabrication of all sorts are well within our capabilities.  Iron gates are a classic look that is hard to beat.  

Fabricating ornamental gates and fences have been a part of our company for decades.  Going back to the 1980's where in Moorpark, we operated under the name of "Embassy Ironworks".  

From gates, stairs, railing, fence, spiral staircases, and beyond, we can take care of your ornamental and wrought iron needs. 

In addition to the classic steel look, we have extensive experience in aluminum and stainless steel fabrication.  We have done many aluminum gates, stainless steel gates, stainless steel railing, and more.  Especially being in Ventura, the marine environment sometimes demands a stainless or aluminum alternative.

We would happily look at any ornamental project you may have, and see if we can quote it for you.  

Our years of experience, wide diverse skillset, and growing list of happy customers make us the best option for your project coming up.

In addition to ornamental stuff, keep us in mind for all welding and fabrication projects you may have going forward.

Iron Gate for driveway, wrought iron gates, fences, ornamental steel

Our location in Ventura has us constantly doing fabrication for lots of different projects for a lot of different industries.  This versatility has allowed us to be a great option for all sorts of different companies and work.  

You do not even need to be local for our services.  We build and ship things all over to be installed by others.

Let us be a part of bringing your next project to life!

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Whatever your metal and fabrication needs be, let us be your fabricator!

Steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, we do it all