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Stairs are a big part of what we do here.  These particular sets of aluminum stairs were for a customer at an industrial building.  The aluminum diamond plate look is very attractive, functional, and made to last.  

Aluminum stairs are often sought after for the excellent balance of strength, relative light weight, and resistance to corrosion, especially in exterior applications.  Aluminum fabrication is one of our many specialties.  Customers have come to expect quality aluminum fabrication from us time and time again. 

There are a lot of benefits to aluminum construction in all sorts of different applications.  Gates, stairs, tanks, marine parts, railing, skids and much more are regular parts of our workload. 

Years of aluminum experience make us a great option for your next aluminum project. 

When the need arises for aluminum fabrication, or any other fabrication needs, we would be happy to quote your project.  Reach out by phone or email to get a quote, or discuss any fabrication needs.

Aluminum fabrication, stainless steel fabrication, and steel fabrication.  We cover it all.

Next time you're looking for a welding shop nearby, we look forward to helping you with any of your needs.  Aluminum and stainless steel fabrication in exterior, and especially marine applications locally offer an outstanding option to resist rust and deterioration. You won't find another shop with our diverse skill set, and machinery allows us to service customers from many different backgrounds.

We take care of contractors, private parties, big companies, small shops, and everyone in between.  Any and all fabrication needs, big or small, we would be happy to have a look at any project you have.

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Aluminum stair photos below installed at a local industrial building. Fabricated by Bay City Fab in Ventura CA

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Aluminum stairs for an industrial application.  Aluminum fabrication in Ventura CAAluminum staircase custom built