Offset Smoker Build

by Bay City Fab Web Team

Offset smokers are a always good looking barbecues.  We enjoyed building this one out of 1/4" steel.  It is heavy for sure, and will hopefully lead to lots of fun days, and full stomachs!

While it's not as massive as the 1,000 gallon tank conversions you may see, this one is an excellent size for a back yard bbq'er who loves the central texas style offset pit.

Beginning with the rolling of the plate, plasma cutting of ends, and fitting up of both the cook chamber and fire box cylinders.  From there it became about modifying openings between them as the end user desired, as well as doing the doors, hinges, baffle, handles, and of course, the big stack.

This particular offset's main cook chamber is 60" wide, 24" diameter, and a firebox that is 30" wide by 24" in diameter, out of 1/4" as mentioned before. 

The 5" pipe stack hinges for easier transport, and storage.

The 3" pipe legs on 6" casters support the cradle that welded to, and supports the smoker.  

Inside is a 12 GA steel shelf for water pan, 3/4"-9 Expanded metal grate, and it includes a 1/2" NPT welded fitting with a ball valve to work as a grease drain.  You will also see two 1/2" NPT fittings welded to accomodate thermometers.

The finish is a linseed oil coating that will leave some of the raw steel look, and with reapplication from time to time, will protect the surface of the steel from rusting too badly over time.  

My mouth is watering just thinking about the briskets, ribs, and whatever else may be coming out of this cooker over years to come.  Time to call the firewood supplier and start stacking, because this ones about ready to cook.

If you are interested in a smoker build, or any other type of outdoor cooker, give us a call, we'd love to hear what you have in mind, and see if we can help make your vision a reality.Offset Smoker Built at Bay City Fab

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