Ornamental Iron

Years of experience in ornamental iron have made us an excellent source for both modern and traditional fabrication of gates, fences, railing, and much more. Whether hand forged, or machine aided, we have lots of capabilities to match existing looks and styles. We have done many spiral staircases over the years as well, and a lot of our ornamental work has gone to personal residences of high profile celebrities as well as classy business establishments. We also offer aluminum stairs and gates.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel railing, stainless steel gates, and other stainless work really tie in with modern design. From elaborate cable railing systems, to clean and simple, we have done a number of very pretty modern stainless jobs. We understand stainless work from proper welding technique, to quality polishing, to passivation. We have a record of excellent stainless work for many applications, including gorgeous railing and gates.

Offset Smoker Build

by Bay City Fab Web Team

Offset smokers are a always good looking barbecues.  We enjoyed building this one out of 1/4" steel.  It is heavy for sure, and will...

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